Friday, June 27, 2008


7 Tips For Writing Your Own Information Products (Ebooks) and

7 Good Reasons For Why You Should!

by Tracey Beaney

Let's start with the tips:

1.Always research the market before you produce your product. You may find Southampton Football club a fascinating subject, but many others won't! Spend time researching the keywords people use to search for information in Google or Yahoo search engines. How may times these keywords are used will indicate how much demand there is for information on a subject. You will also need to assess how much competitions there already is in the marketplace.

2.Aim for a niche market, you need to be a big fish in a small pond. That way, you have more chance of your website ranking higher in the main search engines, which is how people will find your site.

3.Always provide good quality information. Imagine you are the customer and assess whether you would be happy with the product for the price you are charging. You should aim to give such good quality, NO-ONE will return their product, and you will avoid any charges for refunding payments.

4.Prepare an outline for your product so you know what to include, where to start and where to finish. Ask friends, family, colleagues for their input, what they would expect to find in your finished book.

5.Use other people's knowledge. You do not need to be an expert in all sorts of areas, you just need to know where to find the relevant information. You can find this knowledge on the Internet (obviously), in the library, in the brains of your friends and colleagues! Also, consider copyright free out of print books - you are free to reproduce any information from this source.

6.If you produce a successful product which sells, see how it can be "tweaked" to suit other markets. You may be able get it translated to suit a big overseas market. Or rewrite it slightly to suit a different age range of customers.

7.Keep in touch with your customers, seek their feedback, even over supply them with free information - you need to build a relationship with your customers, so they will trust you enough to buy from you again.

And now the reasons why you should write or produce your own information products:

1.All the profit is yours! You don't have to pay 90% plus of your book sales to a publishing company. Your only deadline will be the one you set.

2.You have complete control over the content of your own ebook.

3.You will not have to carry any stock.

4.You will know exactly who your customers are.

5.You will build up your own "list" of customers to whom you can sell products again.

6.You can take one book, split it and sell it as several different products, ie newsletters, training course, audio cd. The options are endless.

7.No one can stop you from being a "writer" / "information publisher". The only person who can stop you - is you! So, put your thinking cap on, hit that keyboard, and GET STARTED!

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