Sunday, July 27, 2008


Ways To Make Extra Money Online: GPT Sites and More

by Meka Powers

There are several ways to earn extra money on the internet. Most of them are scams and some are actually legit. Then you have to determine if you want a program to use that is completely free or includes some kind of small upfront fee. I will be discussing the free methods of earning extra money online. This article will mainly focus on the get-paid-to field.

There are plenty of sites on the internet that pay you money for doing things. There are some that are legit and some that are not. Here are four of the most familiar types of programs you will notice on the internet.

GPT: This is really the main category of all the freebie sites. GPT stands for get-paid-to. You get paid to do common things like filling out offers, joining websites, and doing surveys. These are just to name a few.

PTC: This is a program that lets you earn cash by clicking on advertisements, emails, and similar links. PTC stands for paid-to-click. Very simple process. Most of these sites will pay you .01-.02 cents per ad you click.

PTR: This program pays you to read emails that will most likely consist of advertisements. PTR stands for paid-to-read. This program is similar to paid-to-click.

PPP: This program pays bloggers to post about various topics or products. PPP stand for pay-per-post. If you like to blog then this would be great for you.

Those were just a few of the different types of programs where you can actually make free money online. Other free programs includes getting paid to play games, post on forums, starting discussions, searching the internet, and more. The get-paid-to field is growing more popular and you will see more opportunities like the ones mentioned above, so look out for the scams. There are many websites that will list the scams in each of these fields.

I have discussed some of the free methods revolving around the get-paid-to industry. You should now have an idea of what types of free programs are out there that will pay you for doing simple things. Lots of people have discovered this to be a great way to make extra money online and you can too.


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