Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Learning How to Maintain a Computer

Author: Benedict Yossarian

Computer maintenance, sounds like a dreadful task. It can well be frightful, but more terrifying than this are repair costs and hard drive crashes. Maintenance may not guarantee the blockage of each and every threat that surrounds the machine physically like dust and other elements as well as logically like internal bugs and glitches.

However, if proper maintenance is applied, one might actually form a long and lasting bond with little to no breakdowns, meltdowns, and crashes. Most people would only realize the importance of maintenance after a couple of crashed units and a few thousand dollars of repair bills. In our population, there are those who invest in formal training that offers intense hands-on sessions and in-depth reference materials.

However, these specialized classes may be quite expensive. See here, computer maintenance is not that identical to computer repair---meaning knowing how to actually maintain a desktop computer is not a quick trip to a sweet destination.

The topic at hand concerns more on keeping one's own computer in tiptop shape. A maintenance class may or may not incorporate hardware repairs and installation.

Hardware CleaningFirst of all, it is essential that the pieces of hardware be cleaned regularly, though this is easier said than done. Sometimes dust build-up can only be removed utilizing a spray or vacuum solely intended to remove any accumulation. And if possible, keep your computer, CPU, and every peripheral off the floor.

If a collection of dust (and oftentimes cobwebs) be tangled in the fan, then overheating is not far behind. And as we all know, overheating can be equated to crashing. If you are planning to wipe the dust off, do not use a damp cloth. This may come as an insult, but sometimes, common sense is not so common.

Shutting DownContinuing the tone in the previous paragraph, people seem to have a hard time following simple instructions. Admit it, we are all guilty of pressing the power button more often than we care to remember. May be because we are in a hurry or probably because hanging and logging are two frequent events that prompt our fingers to immediately press the power button instead of shutting it down properly.

This negligence may prove to be damaging in the long run. Bear in mind that this disregard accounts for over seventy percent of the causes that trigger the development of errors leading to a computer breakdown.

Software UpdateThe software installed and the operating system itself must be regularly updated and evaluated. A weekly error check will facilitate to repair errors. Aside from this, virus check is also vital. Nowadays, virus is an ever present item.

Whether it is a virus, a worm, or a bug, all of these can infect our system. Discontinue DownloadingIf you are one of those individuals who cannot help but download everything in sight, then you are simply giving your computer a one-way ticket to the frozen recesses of the techno world.

Download is one of the few words that will initially provide delight and will eventually transform into dread and doom. From songs to movies and every byte of download in between, these may be a carrier of numerous Virus, Trojans, Spyware that will gnaw on your system.

So whether it is in maintaining the computer or its components, the best way to learn how is to actually carry it out. The best methods and points will make little or no difference if the users neither perform it nor acquire any hands-on experience from it.


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